We love to think
crazy ideas of making art 
from our positive mind

Welcome to Useful Design, a creative communications agency with an absolute focus on delivering realistic and functional solutions to your front line communication needs, through highly effective marketing graphic design, website development, printing and sign design.

We specialize in every aspect of the customer and business interface with an emphasis on utilizing contemporary design and technology to create highly effective and cost effective communication to the market place. Useful Design offers a range of design and media services utilizing both the experience and creativity of our multi-disciplined team.

Since its establishment in 2008, beginning with a series of identity works for the company, Useful Design has been engaged in Web Design, UI design related projects as a contracted service provider for Seoul Ria, Sushi 2 go, Akira sushil, 88 pocha, Harumi, Edoya, Yumei, Megumi, Umami, Kobow, Milliore, Mamas, OKS, Otaku hair, Black cat and so on.

Art director 
Lone Kim